I think the title says it all.   http://www.pastemagazine.com/blogs/lists/2014/10/8-new-beers-you-should-drink-in-october.html?utm_source=PMNL&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=141002

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“God maintains a delicate balance between keeping his existence sufficiently evident so people will know he’s there and yet hiding his presence enough so that people who want to choose to ignore him can do it. This way, their choice of destiny is really free.” J P Moreland James Porter Moreland (born March 9, 1948),…

“There is no greater discovery than seeing God as the author of your destiny.” Ravi Zacharias Frederick Antony Ravi Kumar Zacharias (born 26 March 1946) is an Indian-born, Canadian-American Christian apologist. A defender of traditional evangelicalism, Zacharias is the author of numerous Christian books, including Gold Medallion Book Award winner Can Man Live Without God?…

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